Publications and posters

These publications may include information from one or more organism/antimicrobial combinations that are research use only and not for use in diagnostic procedures. Certain uses of devices included in these publications may not have been IVD-approved or cleared by regulatory bodies.

Year Title Download
2021 Fully Automated Phenotypic Resistance Reporting in 3 Hours, Directly from a Positive Blood Culture. Poster presentation, ECCMID 2021.
2021 ASTar Brochure - Designed to save lifetimes
2021 Application note - Advantages of the ASTar System
2021 Application note - Highly accurate results
2020 Application note - A workflow for early and accurate treatment of sepsis
2019 Accurate inoculum preparation for AST from various samples. Poster presentation, ASM 2019.
2019 Rapid phenotypic AST direct from different clinical specimens as well as isolates on the same automated system. Poster presentation, ECCMID 2019.
2019 Automated inoculum preparation for AST from crude samples. Poster presentation, ECCMID 2019.
2018 Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test System Delivering Phenotypic MICs in Hours from Positive Blood Cultures for Fastidious- and Non-Fastidious Pathogens. Poster presentation, ASM 2018.
2018 Opportunity for very rapid phenotypic susceptibility testing of clinical specimens using the novel ASTar platform. Poster presentation, ASM 2018.
2018 MALDI-TOF MS Identification and Phenotypic AST Delivering True MICs in Hours, Directly from Clinical Positive Blood Cultures. Poster presentation, ASM 2018.
2018 Mass spectrometry pathogen identification and phenotypic antimicrobial susceptibility testing delivering MICs in hours, directly from clinical positive blood cultures. Poster presentation, ECCMID 2018.

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