AST technology

Designed to simplify

Several approaches for rapid pathogen identification (ID), e.g. molecular techniques and MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry, are available today. Our phenotypic AST solution can be combined with any of these rapid ID technologies, which augments current laboratory capabilities and meets the clinical need for more rapid results. Thanks to the broad AST panel, positive blood culture may be directly analyzed in the ASTar instrument without waiting for pathogen ID, delivering a comprehensive answer in just one test. Pathogen ID is only needed to create the final MIC results report.

AST technology 1

New technology based on broth microdilution

Highly reproducible MIC results are generated from broth microdilution (CAMHB and fastidious) in 5 to 11 two-fold dilutions of each antimicrobial agent. The sample preparation cartridge and AST panels are stored at room temperature.

AST techology 2

Flexible solution enables future panel extensions

ASTar system can be extended to other types of clinical samples. The modular design of the sample preparation cartridge, in combination with the AST panel disc, allows for future adaptation to other sample types such as urine, respiratory, sterile aspirates and isolates.