A huge advantage

Listen to Ehsan Ghaderi, Head of Department, and Sofia Persson, Consultant Physician, Bacteriology Uppsala University Hospital, talks about how ASTar have helped save time in the lab.

You will be much faster in adjusting the treatment

Listen to Martin Sundqvist, Senior consultant, PhD, Clinical Microbiology, Örebro University Hospital. President of the Swedish Society of Clinical Microbiology speak about the value of rapid AST, true MIC values and more.

The earlier we can give targeted treatment, the better

Professor Christian Giske, senior physician at the Department of Clinical Microbiology, Karolinska Institute, Sweden and Chairman of EUCAST, speaks about challenges in sepsis treatment, his dream scenario for sepsis diagnostics and the future of Antimicrobial resistance.


Targeted antimicrobial treatment is considered the only sustainable strategy

Practical Patient Care talks to Dr Gorm Lisby from the Hvidovre Hospital in Copenhagen

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The fight against sepsis

Rapid information on the antimicrobial
susceptibility profile is crucial

Practical Patient Care talks to Professor Gian Maria Rossolini, professor of clinical microbiology at University of Florence and director of Clinical Microbiology Unit of Florence Careggi University Hospital

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Faster results when time is crucial

AST results deeply inform calculated
antibiotic treatment.

Practical Patient Care talks to Dr Marijo Parcina from the University of Bonn

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Antibiotic susceptibility tests delivered with speed