Business concept and strategy

Q-linea’s business concept is to develop and supply healthcare solutions that enable diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases in the shortest possible time

  • Regulatory strategy: conduct necessary regulatory preparations for launch of ASTar and consumables, including conducting clinical studies in Europe and USA. The first product focuses on sepsis diagnostics;
  • Commercial strategy: Q-linea has signed an agreement with Thermo Fisher Scientific, a worldwide sales partner, who already is established with local sales teams in the markets where Q-linea’s products are to be launched. This is to achieve a broad and rapid market penetration. Both instruments and consumables are to be sold, but the sale of consumables is expected to account for the majority of the possible revenues. The companies will collaborate very close to each other and Q-linea will have access to all parts of the sales process and attend with application specialists as well. The purpose of the collaboration is to enable Q-linea to constantly monitor the development and feedback of customers in order to continue to develop customer-driven products in the best possible way. The collaboration in respect of service entails that Thermo Fisher Scientific will handle all first-hand service and Q-linea will be responsible for the expertise in more difficult issues;
  • Operational strategy: continued construction of the Company’s infrastructure to ensure its development and production capacity;
  • Product development strategy: continued development of new applications;
  • Intellectual Property Strategy: continued development and maintenance of a broad and relevant IP portfolio; and
  • Service & Support Strategy: continue to build an independent service organization focused on expert service and continue to develop the Company’s application specialists to attend and follow up customer visits.